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1 November 2003

President's Message

Madeleine Melo, President

A grant after so many tries. Yes, yes we finally have a grant from the Department of Parks and Recreation. Thanks to Mayor Pro-Tempore Dan Gerde, who first made us aware of these types of grants, and to Charlie Boise of the Mendocino Rec. District who will manage the grant, Timberwolf Stadium will see the development of the entry way plaza and picnic area in the South area of the Stadium. The grant is for $47,932. It is a matching grant. A matching grant requires that we spend a $1 amount for which the grant will reimburse us approximately .48 cents up to the $47,932. This will greatly leverage the amount you give to the foundation.

But lets look back on this last year. The stadium is really beginning to look finished despite that we have lots left to do. Two bathrooms are completed-yeah! More of the entryway concrete is in. The visitor side concrete has been poured. Soon you will see seats go in on the visitor's side as well as landscaping the berm areas on either side of the seating area. Soon the fencing behind the visitor side will be placed. See our plans for this next year in Timberwolf Stadium Facts.

The stadium has been opened and in use since September of 1999 but we are not done. There is much we have accomplished in the last several years but much more to accomplish. I again want to thank Joe Sutphin, our construction chairman and Virgil Nelson, our site foreman, for their continued efforts in getting construction events scheduled and done while trying to work around the needs of the schools and other community organizations who use the field. They have been faithful in their efforts over the years and without their continued help, skill, and down right hard work we would not have this great facility.

Of course there are many more to thank. The people who have given money to the stadium. The people who have purchased seat sponsorships, now over 900 sold. The businesses that have purchased signs and sponsored the snack shack, goal posts, etc. The people who show up for work days, building the bathroom (construction, painting, plumbing), pouring cement, putting the seats in, putting the seat plaques up, painting the railings and so much more. I would love to name the many hard workers, besides the board members who show up to do the thousands of tasks that need to be done, but as soon as I start that, I will forget somebody and everybody is important. Seat Sponsorship and Advertisement for businesses continued to be our best way to raise funds...that along with our now many fund raising events during the year move us ever closer to the completion of the stadium.

Please note the upcoming fund raising events and plan to go. That is the fun way to contribute to the stadium. Our foundation prides itself on low overhead cost. All board members are volunteers and we have no paid staff. Much of the work done at the stadium is time and talent donated by volunteers. It has been estimated we have been able to leverage cash donations at least 4 to 1. We send out a news letter, and even that has been donated, so postage is our main cost outside stadium materials. What that means to you is that nearly every dollar you give goes into building the stadium. With the grant we can leverage your dollars even further. Help us complete Timberwolf Stadium today!

Board meets on third Wednesday

7:00 PM High School conference room, everyone welcome for conduct of business as well as community input. The board meets on the third Wednesday of the month, except December.

Help find a home for this seat

Help find a home for this seat in Timberwolf Stadium! Adoption is easy and the benefits are many. Just think of the warm and cozy feeling of sitting in an individual seat with a back instead of on a cold old metal bleacher. If you have sponsored a seat the Sports Foundation thanks you, and if you have not it is easy to do. Just complete an application and send in with $150, or you can make payments of as little as $10 a month for 15 months (see I told you it was easy). You can name your seat after you, or your business, or give it as a gift or in memory. Tell all of your friends and help find a home for this seat and all his brothers and sisters.

Two fundraisers January 31 and February 26

January 31 will be the crab dinner sponsored by the Sports Foundation and Rotary. The Dinner will be held at the Fort Bragg Fire Department from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Tickets will be $30 for adults and $10 for children under 12. Contact Foundation board members for your tickets. Board members are listed in this newsletter.

February 26 will be the annual Sports Foundation Dinner Auction held at the Wharf. Please contact any board member if you would like to donate something for the auction or purchase tickets. You can also call 964-0676 or 964-6331 if you have items to donate or wish to purchase tickets. If you need ideas for a donation see last page of this newsletter.

Thanks to individuals and businesses for successful Golf Tournament!

On Oct 5, 2003 we held our 3rd Annual Golf Tournament played at Little River Inn Golf Course. Thanks to the many businesses that were hole sponsors and raffle donors we had a successful tournament. Thanks also to the many players who made up the 14 teams. Because of everyone's contribution we were able to raise $4,200 more toward the completion of Timberwolf Stadium!

Timberwolf Stadium Facts:

We thought it might be good to provide you with this sheet of facts about Timberwolf Stadium and how it has developed, something every good Timberwolf supporter should know.

The Mendocino Coast Sports Foundation began in 1991 by a group of concerned citizens who wanted to get a lighted field on the coast.

A non-profit corporation was formed and the Foundation got authorization from the local school board to develop the high school property where the old track was located.

In November of 1994 Jim Cummings donated a piece of property, located on Ocean View Drive and valued at over $200,000, enabling the Sport Foundation to establish a line of credit.

The official groundbreaking for the stadium was May 20, 1996.

The first step in developing the stadium was to level the field. The old track was 3 feet higher on the south end than the north. This required the excavation of approximately 6,500 cubic yards of soil. The next item was under grounding all the drainage (2,029 ft of pipe), electrical (3,360 ft of ditches) and plumbing and drains (5,150 ft of ditches). Then 1,200 cubic yards of native soil and 1,200 cubic yards of imported top soil were brought in.

Once the underground and fieldwork was completed, soil had to be trucked in to form the base for stadium seating areas. Approximately 800 truckloads (24,600 cubic Yards) were hauled to the site by local truckers and a National Guard unit. All of this was done by volunteer labor. All of the soil was donated and the fuel paid by the local fuel distributors.

Once the soil was hauled to the site it had to be moved into place and compacted to state specifications (12,800 cubic yards). After compaction, approximately 60% of home side seating was readied for seats by pouring 1,085 yards of concrete, the section now in place with seating. Through May 31, 2003 a total of 1,172 yards of concrete were poured.

Installing the light poles and lights came next. In order to install the poles a base had to be made requiring six holes each of about 30 feet deep and four feet in diameter. Once these holes were drilled they were filled with rebar and concrete. It took approximately 67 yards of concrete to fill the holes. We were able to get the bridge crew retrofitting the Hare Creek Bridge to bring their drill up to the stadium to do the drilling; this saved us about $50,000. Additional savings were realized when we purchased the lights and poles from the Port of Oakland. We purchased the poles and lights for approximately $8,400 and then refurbished them. Had we purchased them new the cost would have been about $150,000. The seating that you see at the stadium today was previously located in Anaheim Stadium. Our board discovered Anaheim Stadium was remodeling and we contacted them about purchasing some of their old seats. Originally they wanted $47 a seat, but we negotiated a price of $10 and purchased 2,500 of them. Local truckers hauled them up to us at no cost. We then had the crew at Parlin Forks renovate all of the seats, of which approximately 900 have been installed. The rest of the remaining seats are ready to be installed once concrete sections are available for them.

In March 1999 the James G. Cummings Trust donated $150,000 to the construction of the stadium, this was in addition to the $200,000 plus value of land previously donated.

On September 10, 1999 the stadium was officially dedicated as The James G. Cummings Timberwolf Stadium. In 2003 the property previously donated was sold extinguishing all debt.

The ticket booth, concession stand and announcers booth were the next items to be installed in the stadium and a majority of the work and a portion of the materials were donated. The next enhancements to the stadium were the restrooms (35 yds of concrete poured) and the sound system, which we purchased from Crusher Stadium in Rohnert Park. New this system is $30,000, but we were able to purchase this 4 year-old system for $4,000.

This September, 2003, we were able to pour the concrete needed to form the base for the seats on the visitors side (approx 200+ yds). This area will accommodate approximately 500 people and the seats were installed in early 2004. We have also installed hand railing around the stadium costing approximately $14,000.

In September of 2003 a sculpture was dedicated in Timberwolf Stadium to honor the memory of those men and women who worked in the sawmill and forests and helped shape the character of Fort Bragg. The sculpture was donated by Timberwolf alum Bill Patton and his wife Mary Swann. This sculpture depicts saw blades cutting through a log, the blades are the actual blades from the sawmill.

In 2004, we installed some concrete in the entryway of the stadium and completed the retaining wall around the track with all of the railing and graded the entrance and visitors areas. There will also be a picnic area with tables installed at the south end of the stadium. We will be able to do this once the matching grant we were awarded from the state.

Some of the other items still in the planning stages are the completion of the concrete pour for the home side, approximately 40% of seating, the second set of bathrooms and finally the all weather track.

We hope today's students will enjoy their 4 years at Fort Bragg High School and benefit from the use of Timberwolf Stadium. We strive to make this the best facility possible and are proud of the community support that has made Timberwolf Stadium a reality. The stadium has been used by numerous groups and organizations and has been a benefit to our entire community. Here are just some of the uses the stadium can or has been used for: High School Football, Cubs Football, High School Soccer, Youth Soccer, Adult Soccer, Middle School Graduation, High School Graduation, High School Track and Field, Middle School Track and Field, Adult walking and running for health, Band Concerts, Homecoming Events, Community Barbecue, Other special events as well as a Disaster Staging Area if needed. If you would like to contribute to the completion of the stadium please contact any of the board members listed.

The Mendocino Coast Sports Foundation Board of Directors 2003

Madeleine Melo, President
Rich Pyorre, Vice President
Toby Brazill, Secretary
Joe Sutphin, Treasurer
Vic Ayers
Elise Boyle
Fred Guisti
Janice Luoma
Rick McMillen
Jere Melo
Jerry Murphy
Bertrease Mitchell
Sue Nowlin
Ryan Perkins
Naomi Sallinen
John Griffiths, School liaison
Roy Boyle, Student Representative

Sponsor a Seat or three!

If you have not yet sponsored a seat please consider doing so. If you have a business and would like to have a billboard please contact a board member. Billboards are $3,000 and this is good for at least 10 years, if you buy one now! That averages out to $300 a year for advertising so it's a good deal and as you can see your money is well spent. Billboards can be paid for over time for as little as $100 per month and once your billboard has been completely paid it will be installed. If all the seats still available were sponsored and billboards purchased we could complete the stadium. Please let all of your friends and neighbors know how they, as well as you, can help us complete Timberwolf Stadium.

Adopt this seat, for a one time $150, or you can pay monthly. You can name this seat and help finish the stadium. Your seat will thank you and so will the Sports Foundation!

Click here to sponsor a seat!

Mendocino Coast Sports Foundation P O Box 2812, Fort Bragg, CA 95437

If you would like a payment plan or need a gift card please telephone us at 707-964-0676

What can I donate to help with the Stadium?

Listed below are suggestions to give you an idea of what type of items you can give to help in completion of the stadium:

Cash (always good anytime) and can be used to sponsor a seat or billboard if you desire. Your donations are tax deductible.

Property can be donated to the foundation and tax deductions taken for its value.

Volunteer labor if you have a specific skill, or if unskilled labor is needed. Please give your name and number to Joe Sutphin for construction projects so he can contact you if needed and give your name and number to Madeleine Melo so she can contact you for fundraising events or projects that need additional helpers.

Donate items for the auction and other events coming up. Below are some items that have previously been donated. Be creative and make our auction unique:

Use of a vacation home; a fishing or hunting trip; a vacation trip of some kind; a special dinner prepared by you for a specific number of people; a dinner for two out at a restaurant; a side of beef, pork or lamb; a supply of fish or crab; some type of furniture; various wines; various art works such as paintings, sculptures, weavings, pottery etc.; golf packages; something for your car; something for your kitchen; a stay at a local Inn or motel; a gift certificate; a massage, a membership to something; a load of rock, gravel, soil or cement; some labor for a project, a car detailing; an opportunity to be a radio DJ; a load of firewood; building materials; an art workshop; theatre tickets; facials; internet service; trails ride; camping gear; computer items; wind chimes; power tools; equipment repair; decorative items for the home or office; sports memorabilia; jewelry; eye or dental exams; collectible items; pedicure; manicure; haircut; a years supply of cookies; homemade pies, cakes, cookies, tamales; tickets to Raiders or 49er's, Giants or A's; sporting equipment; barbecue grill; Plants for home or office; These are just some examples of the type of things that have been successful at previous auctions. We would like to continue to make our auction fun and unique and with your help we can do that and raise the money needed to complete Timberwolf Stadium!

Mendocino Coast Sports Foundation

Event and update information enclosed
Jan. 31, 2004 Crab Dinner
Feb. 26, 2004 Foundation Dinner Auction




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